Village of Kythnos

The Village of Kythnos

Merihas is a gem of a place, bustling, friendly, the hub of all the island action. The only thing it doesn’t have is the Post Office which is up at the beautiful hora(capital) of Kythnos Town.

Kythnos Town / Hora

The Hora (Kythnos Town) is one of the most beautiful towns in the Cyclades, which makes it all the more baffling that the Rough Guide to Greece censures it as mediocre. It is notable for its winding, often stepped streets too narrow for vehicles.  I have been to about 35 Greek islands over about 40 years, and I promise you it is one of the loveliest little towns in the whole of Greece.

It has long and subtle alleyways full of tasteful and sophisticated cafes, fabulous ice cream shops, attractive and untacky souvenir shops.

It has a colossal number of beautiful and dazzlingly white churches and chapels, both in the town itself and on the outskirts.  Including the gem of all gems, the Panaghia tous Nikous, which is an enjoyable 1 km walk out of town. The views, as you walk there, across the top half of the island, are spectacular.

Other Places to Visit

One of the places worth bringing a picnic to is Ormos Skhilou. There are no facilities here and fittingly enough the only life you are likely to encounter on the beautiful beach is a dog ( The Dog of Dog Bay) who is guaranteed to bark with conviction, then wander off very aloofly at the sight of the foreign tourists.